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It is mostly photographs taken during my travels by motorcycle.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Time Lapse - Jan/Feb 2013

I've been making time lapse movies for some time. I use a webcam and VideoVelocity demo program. If the sky has interesting clouds I run it all day and check the results. They are then edited into a movie using Windows Live Movie Maker. The webcam has to be set on fixed exposure to prevent it constantly re-adjusting. I set the program to capture an image every 5 seconds. Playback is 30 frames per second so the movie is 150x speed. The camera is out of a ground floor window so you'll occasionally see myself or the postman flashing past.

It's quite long so well done if you watch it all.

Jan Feb Movie from Stuart Wade on Vimeo.

Friday, 8 March 2013

February 2013

A lot of bright & dry weather this month but still a bit cool for travelling far.

 Loch Lomond

Glen Coe

Rannoch Moor

Gadgirth Bridge, Ayrshire

Gadgirth Bridge, Ayrshire

Stair Parish Church, Ayrshire

Oil refinery at Grangemouth. The security guards were not pleased by my presence

Clackmannanshire Bridge over the River Forth

Cove Bay, Loch Long

Old Stirling Bridge

Robert the Bruce overlooking Stirling

Stirling Castle


Dunderave Castle, Loch Fyne

Summerlee Museum, Coatbridge

January 2013

The weather is too cold for travelling any distance by motorcycle, so these photographs are local.

The River Clyde at Port Glasgow

Freighter Arklow Rock at Port Glasgow

Custom House, Greenock

Anchor Mills, Paisley
 Russell Institute, Paisley
 Coates Memorial Church, Paisley

 Queen Victoria Statue, Paisley

Paisley Abbey

Lifting Bridge, Renfrew

 Doulton Fountain, Glasgow Green

Doulton Fountain, Glasgow Green

Replica Lancia Stratos Rally Car, Glasgow Green